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     1= Wide-tuning RF Module (WDR) =
     3 * RF tuning range from 300 to 7500 MHz using heterodyne downconversion and sharp IF filtering for excellent adjacent channel rejection.
     4 * Full duplex operation over entire tuning range allows any combination of uplink and downlink frequency sets.
     5 * Selectable receiver I/Q analog bandwidth of 7, 10, 15 or 20 MHz digital sampling rate of 64 MSps on I/Q with 12 bit ADC.
     6 * Receiver noise figure (NF) of 6 dB, gain control of 80 dB.
     7 * Selectable transmitter I/Q analog bandwidth of 12, 18 or 24 MHz, digital update rate of 128 MSps with 14 bit DAC.
     8 * Transmitter output of +20 dBm minimum across entire band, 32dB gain control, carrier feedthru suppression and I/Q sideband balance control.
     9 * Upto four radio channels can be configured asynchronously or locked together for phased or smart antenna applications.
     10 * Accepts external GPS frequency locking for standards based timing.
     11 * Frequency hop of less than 50usec.
     12 * Switched antenna diversity for both TX and RX channels.