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Build R1 Simulation Environment

R1 has currently two predefined test scenarios (each scenario may have one or more test cases) :

  • tc_src_app_mod - for APP TX testing (files located at ./design/trunk/tb/R1/tc_src_app_mod)
  • tc_src_app_rxtx - for APP TX and RX testing (files located at ./design/trunk/tb/R1/tc_src_app_rxtx)

Prior to running a modelsim simulation, we need to make sure that the building process is error free. From Cygwin, enter one of the following commands

build_fw -P tb_ocrp_mod    # builds R1 testbench with APP TX only (APP TX = Sine/AWGN generator)
build_fw -P tb_ocrp_rxtx   # builds R1 testbench with both APP TX and RX (APP TX = SINE/AWGN generator, APP RX = FFT/AVG e.g. for spectrum sensing app) 

Note that the above commands build the R1 framework, applications and testbench files which are available under svn. The MATLAB generated top file are not built in the same process. We will later on replace the R1 framework and application svn files with an equivalent MATLAB/Simulink generated top level file e.g. keep the same testbench, but replace the DUT with the MATLAB generated version.

Once the building process passes error free, the modelsim simulations are initiated by invoking the following commands

build_fw -P tb_ocrp_mod -D    # build with modelsim do file (file located at ./design/trunk/tb/R1/sim) 
build_fw -P tb_ocrp_rxtx -D  # build with modelsim do file (file located at ./design/trunk/tb/R1/sim)  

You should be able to see the modelsim waveform viewer with signals as listed in the .do file .


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