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R2 -> R3 updates


Tx Ethernet Interface :

  1. Add support for segmentation when data size > 1500 bytes. (NOT supported in R3)
  2. Add SEG and SEQ fields to current TYPE word e.g. OR'ing function. (NOT supported in R3)
  3. 1GbE support. (done)

Memory Controller :

  1. Add support for RMAP processor accesses e.g. for RMAP read data forwarding. (NOT done)
  2. Include FIFO to Rx App interface to prevent app data stalling when memory is being accessed by RMAP processor (3-4 clocks max.) (NOT done)

Rx Application :

  1. Add new RMAP interface to application top. (done)
  2. Upgrade to new RMAP (done)
  3. Use FFT App for demo purpose. (done)


Command Generator :

  1. Add new interface to RMAP processor e.g. parsing of RMAP and Data frames. (done)

Tx Application :

  1. Add new RMAP interface to application top. (done)
  2. Upgrade to new RMAP (done)
  3. Remove system controller, SPI, and LED control from Tx datapath (SPI and LED controls are relocated to Control Plane) (done)
  4. Support AWGN/SINE/MOD for demo purpose. (done, however MOD is NOT supported in R3)


RMAP Processor :

  1. New block (done)

RF Control :

  1. SPI read/write support, and related changes RMAP (done)

Top RMAP :

  1. New RMAP definition and excel spreadsheet. (done)
  2. Support of Board level IO e.g. LEDs... (NOT supported in R3)

Top Address Decoder :

  1. address bit19-16 decoding to generate cs_cmn, cs_xmtr and cs_rcvr chip select signals. (done)

Top Data/Control Mux :

  1. RMAP data read support as shown in Figure 1 (done)

Figure 1 - RMAP Read Control Logic


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