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    v1 v1  
     1== R2 -> R3 updates ==
     3=== RCVR ===
     4__Tx Ethernet Interface__ : [[BR]]
     51. Add support for segmentation when data size > 1500 bytes. [[BR]]
     62. Add SEG and SEQ fields to current TYPE word e.g. OR'ing function. [[BR]]
     73. 1GbE support. [[BR]]
     9__Memory Controller__ : [[BR]]
     101. Add support for RMAP processor accesses e.g. for RMAP read data forwarding. [[BR]]
     112. Include FIFO to Rx App interface to prevent app data stalling when memory is being accessed by RMAP processor (3-4 clocks max.) [[BR]]
     13__Rx Application__ : [[BR]]
     141. Add new RMAP interface to application top. [[BR]]
     152. Upgrade to new RMAP [[BR]]
     163. Use FFT App for demo purpose.
     18=== XMTR ===
     19__Command Generator__ : [[BR]]
     201. Add new interface to RMAP processor e.g. parsing of RMAP and Data frames. [[BR]]
     22__Tx Application__ : [[BR]]
     231. Add new RMAP interface to application top. [[BR]]
     242. Upgrade to new RMAP [[BR]]
     253. Remove system controller, SPI, and LED control from Tx datapath (SPI and LED controls are relocated to Control Plane) [[BR]]
     264. Support AWGN/SINE/MOD for demo purpose. [[BR]]
     28=== Control ===
     29__RMAP Processor__ : [[BR]]
     301. New block [[BR]]
     32__RF Control__ : [[BR]]
     331. SPI read/write support, and related changes RMAP [[BR]]
     35__Top RMAP__ : [[BR]]
     361. New RMAP definition and excel spreadsheet. [[BR]]
     372. Support of Board level IO e.g. LEDs... [[BR]]
     39__Top Address Decoder__ : [[BR]]
     401. address bit19-16 decoding to generate cs_cmn, cs_xmtr and cs_rcvr chip select signals. [[BR]]
     42__Top Data/Control Mux__ : [[BR]]
     431. RMAP data read support as shown in Figure 1[[BR]][[BR]]
     46__Figure 1 - RMAP Read Control Logic__
     54[wiki:Software/Firmware/ProjectPlanning/R3 Return ..]