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    1 = Welcome to Trac 0.11.5 =
     1= GENI Cognitive Radio Kit =
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     3The scope of this project is to develop a set of ruggedized, expandable and configurable multiradio cognitive radio systems that is part of the [  GENI COGRADIO project]. The platform will facilitate experimentation by GENI researchers who have only limited experience with hardware development tools so that new algorithms can be tested and validated on a real hardware platform, with no or little hardware development skills.
    27 TracGuide is a good place to start.
     6[[Image(ocrp_bd.jpg, 800px)]]   
    29 Enjoy! [[BR]]
    30 ''The Trac Team''
     8These systems are based on two platform designs that span the full range of requirements for cognitive radio systems: 
    32 == Starting Points ==
     10  * a stand-alone cognitive radio system
     11  * a full scale, infrastructure class cognitive radio system. 
    34  * TracGuide --  Built-in Documentation
    35  * [ The Trac project] -- Trac Open Source Project
    36  * [ Trac FAQ] -- Frequently Asked Questions
    37  * TracSupport --  Trac Support
     13The platforms consist of:
     15  * [wiki:Hardware/FPGABoards Commodity, off-the-shelf Field Programmable Gate Array systems for digital signal processing]
     16  * [wiki:Hardware/RFBoards Range of RF cards]
     17  * [wiki:Software/Firmware Firmware that implements radio and system control functions in both FPGAs and on the host computer].
    39 For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.
     20== Applications ==
     22Following is a list of applications developed/being developed using the OCRP kit
     24 * [wiki:Applications/WaveGen Waveform Generator]
     25 * [wiki:Applications/Denial Denial of Service Radio]