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    11== Supported Hardware ==
     3=== USRP N210 ===
     5=== USRP X310 ===
     7=== ZedBoard with AD FMC RF ===
     9The ZedBoard is a Zynq-7020 development board available from Digilent and Avnet. The Zedboard combines the Zynq 7020 SoC with 512MB RAM, a gigabit Ethernet interface, USB interfaces, UART’s, HDMI and other I/O devices into a standalone Linux-based computer that allows additional hardware modules to be added to the base system. The on-board FPGA Mezzanine Connector
     10(FMC) connector that is used for Analog Devices FMC Radio Board.
     12[[Image(zed.jpg, width=300)]]
     14The RF board provides a 16-bit 1250 MSample/s DAC and a 14-bit 250MSample/s ADC. Coupled with the amplifiers, modulators and demodulators, that radio board should be able to transmit on up to 125MHz of bandwidth between 400-4000MHz, and can also operate on baseband (meaning the system should be able to be used for wired interfaces such as cable modems). The radio board is controlled by I2C interfaces and I/Q data is provided through the FMC connector. Although the Zedboard only supports a single FMC connector, multiple systems can be combined to support MIMO or other multiradio designs; the Analog Devices radio board supports external clock synchronization for tightly coupled MIMO designs.