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Status Packet

Figure 1 - Status Packet Structure

Table 1 - Status Header

TYPEStatus packet type
0x0100 - Interrupt message, only one Status payload field is required for INTC content

Table 2 - Status Payload

INTCOne word, content of Interrupt Controller delta register. Host needs to parse the INTC field to identify which interrupts were triggered. Refer to INTC RMAP for further information. Three more reserved words are used to meet the minimum ethernet payload requirement
  • for R3, only Host -> HW status messaging is required for interrupt handling.
  • For future revisions, we will support VITA radio transport protocol for messaging and status handling.
  • Status header is added by Packet Processor, with payload provided by RMAP Processor.
  • Note, UDP port 1001 is used for Status related packets.
  • Note, minimum Ethernet payload is 46 bytes. In Status packet case, we have 20 (IP header) + 8 (UDP header) + min. 20 (UDP payload) = 48 bytes


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