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     1== R3 ==
     3Ongoing work in the following areas :
     5Firmware :
     6  1. Multi-clock domain synchronization e.g. adc -> sys_clk, sys_clk -> dac, eth <-> sys_clk. Will need clock enable capability support.
     7  2. Add RMAP read ability (send ethernet frame with a RMAP read request, the response will be an ethernet going back to host)
     8  3. Redesign RMAP to work with both ISE and MATLAB.
     9  4. Add 1Gbps Ethernet support
     10  5. Add data frame segmentation ability for ethernet packets. Rx data may be larger than Ethernet frame size. Therefore, we will need
     11     to segment the data into multiple ethernet frames
     12  6. Integrate Rx chain into MATLAB/Simulink environment
     13  7. Update current build_fw, syn_fw and par_fw scripts to support dynamically allocated application modules
     14  8. Revisit current SVN folder structure to support multiple apps
     15  9. Add modulator into Tx use apps e.g. muxing between SINE, AWGN and host data
     16  10. Documentation : wiki, tutorials 
     17  11. Add support for Freebo and WDR e.g. RMAP, SPI read capabilities
     19Software :
     20  1. ADD CONTENT
     22[wiki:Software/Firmware/ProjectPlanning/R3/R2toR3 R2 -> R3] : required changes to R2 revision for migration to R3. [[BR]]
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